About Me

Experience You Can Count On

My name is Kaje Thomas. I am a Certified Professional Coach.  I have been in private practice in the Seattle area since 2006.  I have experience coaching on a variety of topics including anxiety management , couples coaching, improving listening and communication skills, conflict resolution with family as well as in business, moving through grief, stress reduction, managing device usage, mindfulness and much more.  The basic methodology of coaching allows me to enjoy coaching a wide range of subjects with a broad and diverse range of humanity.  My 13 years of Certified Coaching experience coupled with my many years on the planet have afforded me a well rounded and eclectic blend of tools to use and share.      

I also teach insight meditation and diaphragmatic breath work to those in my practice who are interested. I do most of my coaching in my office but I also do on-site coaching as well as by phone and via video chat.

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