Meet Your LIfe Coach

 My name is Kaje (pronounce cage) Thomas.  I have been a Certified Life Coach in private practice for over a decade.  The Coaching methodology can be applied to any stuck situation from a career change to a family issue. Relationship Coaching and Youth Coaching are two of my passions.  I work with a wide range of people who are feeling "stuck" in many different places. The key to all forward movement in all aspects of our lives starts with our internal clarity.  As a Life Coach, I place a strong emphasis on the importance of openness and honesty during our session.  We can move forward so much faster when we have emotional honesty and open communication.

Coaching is the work that feeds my soul.  People in my life have often come to me when they feel stuck.  That is a honor that I have never lightly.  It is difficult for all of us to look at the baggage that we all dread looking at and say "hey, what the heck is that and why am I lugging it around?  Is that even mine?".  I work with people who are not sure what the next step should be and who are sometimes scared but who are also ready to take steps forward.  They may not know what direction to go in, but they know that staying where they are is not an option.

 I have been coaching softball for over 20 years.  I Coach my Clients like I have coached my players for years.  They have the talent and tools inside of them.  I am just here to help bring out their full potential, to give them helpful tips on improving their techniques and to do all I can to support them unconditionally in their endeavor to play this game to the best of their ability.  To help them win at this game of life by playing it using all of their natural skills.  I provide a safe and compassionate place for my clients to be totally honest with themselves and with me.  I am without agenda or attachment to the outcome of the session.  I hold a clean space for my clients to tap into their inner wisdom and create action steps for the week to move towards their goal.  All my clients have my promise of complete confidence and my unconditional support.

 If you are struggling with confusion of any nature, whether it's a relationship in crisis, a job change or any life transition, then I may be just the Coach that you are looking for.  I provide a safe and open space for you to get to the core of whatever is keeping you from living the amazing life that you are meant to live.  Is it time to change your life?  It IS, in fact, all about you!

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