Cancer Caregiver


"I'm fine."

"I'm not the one who has cancer, I have no room to complain about my situation."

"I don't need to talk about it, no one would understand my unique experience anyway"

"I'm worried my loved one could die, but I can't say that to anyone."

"It's nobody's fault so I can't be angry."

While I was sitting in the caregiver seat on the cancer train, these are some of the things  that I convinced myself were true. These beliefs were ultimately to my emotional, and in some ways my physical, detriment. I'm here to assure you, none of them were true. I'm doing this work with caregivers because I do understand so many of the thoughts and feelings that one would never dare utter. I've had them all.

It's not selfish to do something for you!! Caregiver Coaching is for those who are brave and willing to take some much needed support for themselves. It can feel like a very selfish thing to do in some respects, but it is the only way to stay healthy and give your best self to the person you're trying to take care of. Caregiver Coaching is  for those who are giving shots, making appointments, setting multiple alarms to administer medications, measuring drain tubes and charting progress. It's for those are having sleepless days and nights filled with worry and exhaustion rarely displayed.

I offer this specialty coaching to those of you who are standing on the platform about to get on the cancer train, in the middle of the journey, or just stepping off the cancer train and who are now trying to reenter a life that you left behind, and integrate the intense journey that you just experienced.

If you are tending your partner, parent, a sibling or a child, it's so very crucial to get some support and stay centered. Getting necessary care for yourself is paramount. You are just as important as your loved one and so is your physical and mental well-being.

This branch of my coaching was inspired by watching my father tend my mother, a 15 year survivor, during her bout with breast cancer, and then further fueled by my own journey on the cancer train. I spent almost two years in the caregiver seat. The brave woman that I cared for,  now a 3+ years survivor, was diagnosed with stage 3 HER2+ breast cancer which is a very aggressive type of cancer. It also had a particularly high replication rate, so it was growing fast. From the moment of diagnosis until 3 months after the last radiation treatment, I was on a journey that I didn't sign up for.  A journey I would never have imagined I would be on and that no one could have ever prepared me for. I can't prepare anyone for their journey either, but this coaching has become instrumental in helping caregivers manage their own journey. I create a safe place to let it all out, say whatever you need to say without judgement.

VENT - YELL - CURSE - CRY - find balance, get centered, stay healthy. Get the tools and skills to stay the course during the long difficult journey through cancer treatment.

Sliding scale for those who are having financial difficulty due to the incredibly high cost of treatment.

This work is also being done with a variety of other caregivers, people who are tending aging parents, loved ones battling alcoholism, mental illness and other debilitating diseases.

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