Full Circle Life Coaching

For Life Coaching to be effective, one must be able to make changes and take steps forward.  An openness and willingness to be completely honest with one's self as well as one's Life Coach are some of the key ingredients in a successful Coaching relationship.  When the client has a desire to transition, and the Coach is without agenda and is in a place of complete and unconditional support, then the synergy between the two can create powerful and lasting changes.  You must bring honest communication to the session. I will listen intently and ask powerful and thought provoking questions while you tap into your own inner wisdom. Together we will come up with an action plan for you to take the steps necessary to meet your goals.   I provide you with an accountability partner so that your words and actions are harmonious.  There is no emotional charge.  There is no judgment.  I am completely unattached to the outcome of the session.  Your progress is yours to make at your own pace.
Coaching can be done by phone or in person. So if you live in Seattle or anywhere in the world we can work together.  I have local clients who choose phone Coaching because it fits their schedules better, so location is never an issue.

                                    WHAT LIFE COACHING ISN'T.

A Life Coach isn't a consultant. Consultants advise you and recommend solutions based on their experience and knowledge. As your Life Coach, I hold the space for you to discover your own answers that live within you.
Life coaching isn't counseling or psychotherapy. A Life Coach is not a therapist. Counselors and psychotherapists focus more on your past and how it affects you today.  We focus on the future
and a life of  greater balance with more love and happiness
Where can we go from here?!

I believe that you, my coaching client, are healthy, capable, and whole... that you are not broken and you don't need fixing!


To speak your thoughts and feelings uninterrupted.
An unbiased and empathetic listener.
An attentive sounding board.
Honest and compassionate feedback.
To tap into your inner wisdom and attain clarity.
Total support of all healthy goals and dreams.
Complete understanding.
Creative positive synergy.
To feel motivated and energized by the shift.
An action plan that resonates with your path.


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